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Added August 15, 2016
Available in: 1080p, 720p, 480p
Today we were getting desperate. No quality ass roaming the streets. We’re riding with our girls Mea and Wendy when they decide its time to hunt at a gas stop. Girls go in for a few minutes and come out with this punky platinum blonde chick with purple highlights named Lucy that needs a lift. Figi’s already got his cock out when she sits down and she has that aura about her. You know that look a girl gives when she’s sure she will be fucked? Mea and Wendy decide to tutor her in the art of Take van blowjobs. How to take the cock down the throat to the balls. They warm her up even more when they both suck her nice natural tits.

Lucy’s a quick learner, and as soon as her clothes comes of and figi tries to land his dick in her doggystyle she just starts laughing. Is she stoned? Could be, but it’s not long before she’s flipped into spoon and missionary and the sausage is flying in and out of her while driving in traffic. But were getting bored of her quickly so we tell Figi to stop playing with her and fuck that shaved pussy right. Reverse cowgirl does the trick and Lucy turns into an uncaged nympho slamming up and down on the stick like wild girl. Her pussy gets soaked from cum and then she Kneels for a pop shot facial. Seconds later, and I do mean seconds later, she’s on the street naked with a sperm mustache. Oooops!
Featured model(s): Mea, Lucy, Figi

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