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The Cockachu Hunter

Added December 23, 2019
Available in: 1080p, 720p, 480p
A sunny afternoon in the countryside and were prowling with a new stunt cock in our van. We spot this sweet and petite Czech girl on her phone and we bet she’s trying to catch pokemon. Our guy jumps out to help her and convince her that were pro hunters so if she rides with us, she’ll go home with a harem of pokemon. Little does she know, Pokemon for us means hot cum!Our new pikachu hunting passenger is named Annabelle and you wouldn't tell at first glance, but she’s got huge natural tits when we get her sweater off. Never mind the look on her face as she’s being undressed. She plays hard to get, but she knew that riding with us would mean, a cockachu inside her mouth moments later. The tits on this girl though, incredible! Annabelle gets into the game quickly and soon as she’s fully naked and getting cock stuffed into her missionary style, she offers one golden pokeball if our guy can make her cum! Flexible and sexy as hell our girl Annabelle hops on reverse cowgirl and rocks those bells up and down until we slam on breaks and throw her off. Doggystyle with head pressed against the window is the last move before the Pokémon get shot onto her tits, and she gets kicked out of the game!
Featured model(s): Annabelle, Tarzan

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