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Surprise cock massage in the field

Added November 13, 2017
Available in: 2160p, 1080p, 720p, 480p
The Takevan crew meets a fan of agriculture (or is it oral?) In any case, the lady is a fan of plowing, whether in the field or in a bed, as they soon find out. Wendy tries to make her own advances, but is quickly discouraged as their new passenger is strictly a dick person. To be exact, she’s a professional dick masseuse, so pretty soon she can show her grips. It’s a pity they lack some oil, but the boys have a solution. Deep throating is better than any lube it seems and once Tony’s dick is nice and wet, he can try and plough some pussy. Once the field is pretty much plowed and shining from jizz, they bid the masseuse farewell, despite her loud protests.
Featured model(s): Antonio, Ali

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